FoxTab is a popular free 3D tab management add-on for the Firefox browser
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FoxTab is a popular free 3D tab management add-on for the Firefox browser.
FoxTab powers Firefox with the following features:
– Top Sites (aka Speed Dial) for quickly accessing your favorite web sites
– Tab Flipper – to easily flip between opened tabs using mouse or keyboard gestures
– Recently Closed Tabs – for reopening a tab that was recently closed

As the web is rapidly turning into an application environment where dozens of tabs are being opened concurrently, accessing a page visually is in times the fastest and best possible option.

FoxTab introduces to Firefox the best and most attractive way for accessing the web as never seen before on any other browser or operating system.

What can you do ?

- Easily access your favorite top sites.
- Enjoy many tabs management options.
- Have 6 layouts to choose from.
- For each layout, select the perspective that you find the most fun and useful to use.
- Customize the way FoxTab looks with a set of predefined themes or by creating your own customized one.
- Set thumbnails to be in Landscape or Portrait orientation.

FoxTab has 3 primary views:
- Top Sites – to quickly open your favorite sites.
- Opened Tabs – to flip between opened tabs.
- Recently Closed Tabs – to reopen closed tab.

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